Meet The Nannies  

Lillian Miller - Owner

Lillian began with A Pet Nanny Plus in 1999 with the previous owner, Ellen Holmes. When Ellen decided it was time to retire, Lillian was her first choice to take over the business. Since then, Lillian has met so many wonderful pets and clients and can't wait to meet more in the coming years. As of 2011, Lillian is a Reiki Master and has taken Animal Reiki workshops, which she has the pleasure of offering to her clients.

She now has a Golden named Oak and three rescue kitties, Ash, Rowan and Birch to keep her company! Check out her Blog of Oak's journies HERE!

Amber - Pet Nanny

Has been active in fostering and volunteering with a variety of rescues for many years.  And if you get a chance to taste some her donated baked goods, take it!

She currently has 2 kitties to keep her company at home.


Becca  - Pet Nanny

Becca began as a dog walker in 2007 and quickly added boarding to her daily activities.  Since then, she keeps herself busy cuddling every cat and dog she meets and all of her clients adore her because of the care she provides.

At home, her chocolate lab, CJ, as well as a collie named Cassie and 2 cats: Kosmo & Maya share her heart.

Candie - Pet Nanny

Candie began in 2012 with A Pet Nanny Plus after many years fundraising and volunteering at the Humane Society of Durham Region. With a great love of animals big and small, she is fur-mom to 4 dogs, Lucie,  Nina, Phineas & Zoe, a kitty named Salem.

Catherine - Pet Nanny

Catherine joined the pet nanny team after years of working with various pet sitting companies in the Durham Region area. An avid cat and dog lover, she has many fur babies at home, including her dogs, Oliver, Chiche & Nacho,  and all of her clients just love her to pieces!

She is veterinary assistant.

Christie - Pet Nanny

Christie has a full house with 2 kitties of her own: Twotone & Monet, 2 dogs: Pandora, a sheltie (her newest baby), a senior greyhound Macgyver, and a dwarf rabbit, Bun-Bun. Her house has a revolving door for cats, including fostering for ARK and boarding for A Pet Nanny Plus - so her house is always full of lots of fur love! 

Deb - Pet Nanny

Deb began boarding dogs with A Pet Nanny Plus in 2010 after the loss of her beloved german shepherd. She has a big heart and enjoys lots of cuddles and play time with her dog clients. She lives in Orono with her husband, Dave. 

Debbie - Office Admin, Pet Nanny

I began with A Pet Nanny Plus in November 2012 as a part-time Office Administrator. I have had a life-long love of animals and have had many of them share my life; from 5 little lizards (much to my parents dismay) to a horse, and just about everything in between. Presently we are owned by Miss Hope (aka The Boss), who came to us from the Humane Society. I am an avid knitter and cross-stitcher.

Doreen - Pet Nanny

Grew up on a farm and has worked with animals for the majority of her life, the largest being horses.  After the loss of her beloved dog, Sam, she has been  opening her heart and her home to many new furry friends since 2013.

Emma - Pet Nanny

Is heavily involved with many aspects of the dog world, including dog rescue, training, agility competitions and performance shows.  Currently she shares her home with four dogs, (Oz, Cobain, Rigby and Ruby) two rats, Tweek and Randy, a cockatiel named Percy and some goldfish.


Jayne - Pet Nanny

Pet sitting is just one of Jayne's many talents and hobbies! She currently has many clients who look to her like part of the family and looks forward to meeting any new clients that need her help. 

At home she has a black lab named Cheyenne to keep her company on her journeys, as well as her two kitties, Dexter and Toby and  a horse named Chase!

Jess - Pet Nanny

Has graduated from the Animal Care Program offered by Durham College in 2015 as well as taken a  Tellington T Touch course.  She has also volunteered with Nova's Ark Sanctuary and helped rescue a baby raccoon. To keep her company at home she has a lover Rottweiler by the name of Diesel and two kitties named, Tigger and Paco.

Jewels in the chair

Julie - Pet Nanny

Julie began walking part-time for Ellen in 2001 and has continued at full speed ever since.   She loves the chance to meet any new cat and dog clients and can always been seen out running in the local parks with her clients. In 2009, Julie was attuned to Reiki 2 and is studying to be a Holistic Health Practitioner.

She has her two cats named, Kazie and Rose, to snuggle at home.

Liz - Pet Nanny

Liz began with A Pet Nanny Plus in 2011. She has a great knowledge and love of a variety of animals and has 3 dogs at home, named Allegra, Balan & Max. She has previously worked as a pet sitter, agility trainer, as well as, breeding cavalier king charles spaniels while residing in the US.

Mandy - Paws Inn

Mandy began walking for Ellen Holmes in 1999.  Mandy does some dog walking during the week, but mainly stays home to play and romp with her boarding and daycare clients.  All the dogs who have visited Mandy can attest to how wonderfully fun and loving she is with everyone.

She has 3 fur babies at home, including her dog: Lite, and her cats, Pelu and Willow.

Mary - Pet Nanny

Mary began with A Pet Nanny Plus in 2008 as our office administrator but soon decided she wanted to stay home to take care of her fur-babies and enjoy the beautiful weather more. She has now returned as a full-time dog boarder (with her husband Bill) and shares her fur-baby cuddles and love with her clients!

She has Katie (her rescue scottie) and her 2 siamese cats, Benny & Jett that share her home with her.

Nikki - Office Admin, Pet Nanny

Nikki started working for A Pet Nanny Plus in September 2012 as a part-time Office Administrator. She has been around animals all of her life. She has a huge love for cats and currently has 5 at home (Tweek, Sage, Oliver, Chloe and Mia). She also has a gecko named Stumpy. Nikki’s other two passions are hockey and baseball.   

Trinity & bird

Sandi - Pet Nanny

Our resident bird aficionado, she has a love for all of the feathered clients that come our way.  Being with us since 2005, she has become well loved by all of her clients, feathered and furred alike. Recently, she had a stray kitty take up residence and has since been named him Wilson after a famous movie volleyball!  At home she also has many birds to keep her company and share her love as well as her golden, Mindy.

Stacey - Pet Nanny

A volunteer for Cuddly Cats Rescue she has had a variety of different pets through out her life.   She also has a background in therapeutic recreation.  She currently shares her life with a wonderful golden named Nala and an adorable rescue puggle named Addie.


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